The mission of Delet portal (hebr. 'door') is digital sharing of the most valuable collections held by the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute (AJHI) and the Jewish Historical Institute (JHI). Among them there are works from the collection of Józef Sandel - those presented during the exhibition "History of art in fight for memory" and those who were not a part of it due to limited exhibition space. The works belong to one of the most significant and unique collections of the 19th and 20th Century art of Polish Jews. Equally valuable are documents from the Oneg Shabbat collection created in conspiracy in the Warsaw ghetto to document the Holocaust. The collection because of its exceptional value was listed on the Memory of the World Register by UNESCO.

Those collections have not yet been fully presented, in a coherent and adapted to their nature form. Delet portal allows logged-in users to work on shared resources. Thanks to interactive tools users will be able to create virtual educational materials - lessons, workshops and curatorial tours.

The portal includes lessons and curatorial tours created by employees and associates of AJHI and JHI. They present key-information about Jewish history and culture as well as less well known details, curiosities and history of our collections. The lessons will be a virtual addition to the permanent exhibition, which is scheduled to open in November 2017. The lessons are a virtual addition to the permanent exhibition "What we were unable to shout out to the world" opened in 2017.

The portal is also dedicated to researchers and academics. Suitable tools have been developed for them - including the ability to compare scans, change image parameters, create personal collections, and annotate them. Also bookmarks can be added to documents in order to highlight particularly important or interesting fragments.

There is also an application designed for MacOS i Android. The application presents the most interesting documents, pictures and lessons.


Portal regulations and privacy policy.

The Delet Portal is a common effort of many people – authors, translators, scientists, editors, coordinators, and moderators – workers and co-workers of the JHI and the Association of the JHI. The texts that can be found on the portal are translated from Yiddish, Hebrew, and German by the best translators and specialists. Unfortunately, due to the size of the project, we are not able to list them all. But without their enormous efford this portal could not exist.


The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage of Poland.


The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute is a partner and co-organizer of the project. The JHI is a state institution of culture. As a research and documentation center, it focuses on all aspects of Jewish history and culture in Poland. The Institute has the largest collections of Jewish archives, libraries and art in Poland.


The project is organized by the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland.

The Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland is a non-governmental organization with a status of public benefit organization. It was founded in 1951. Its objective is to preserve and commemorate the history and culture of Polish Jews, and their contribution into the world culture.

"Jewish Cultural Heritage" - EEA and Norway Grants


Portal Delet is supported by the Koret Foundation.

The Koret Foundation is a private foundation based in San Francisco, committed to strengthening the Bay Area community and nurturing the continuity of the Jewish people worldwide. The Koret Foundation’s Jewish community grantmaking initiatives seek to increase Jewish identification and involvement; combat anti-Semitism; and develop a flourishing Jewish community in the Bay Area, Israel, Poland, and globally.

Oneg Szabat program

Oneg Szabat is a multi-annual program whose aim is to disseminate information about the history of the Warsaw Ghetto Underground Archive and to commemorate the legacy of Emanuel Ringelblum and the Oneg Shabbat team. It is a joint initiative of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland.


The Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto,  is a unique collection od documents salvaged from the Holocaust. It has been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List since 1999.

Central Jewish Library

Centralna Biblioteka Judaistyczna (Central Jewish Library) is one of the major world repositories of digitized Judaica, available for free via the Internet. The CJL presents books, works of art, old prints, manuscripts, archival materials, ephemera, and newspapers, housed by the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw (ŻIH).


Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK) is a technological partner of the project.

Edgar Bąk Studio

Mysza software

The application was created in cooperation with Mysza Software.
The app „Portal Delet” is available for devices with Android (in Google Play).
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